First page of art

Getting going, I’ve roughly outlined what the story is about and an initial plot / story arc.

Really I should have spent time refining plot, characters and solving key plot points, after-all I’ve been reading Scott McCloud and Alan Moore’s books and essays on writing for comics to get up to speed.

BUT… I got impatient and started doodling, creating a draft first page of artwork to get me in the mood. I think I’ve made a couple of mistakes – I did the art of A4 heavyweight cartridge paper – have now purchased some A3 Bristol board, which means this page may get done again.

I started with penciling and when happy with that moved straight to inking directly on the pencil work. Doing most of this on the sofa in the evenings shows – some of the lines not being as true, clean and straight as they might have been if I’d used a desk!

Realising that the comic world has moved to digital – I’ve started dabbling with scanning in artwork and using Inkscape to do the inking and potentially colour layers. Concluded I need to get in some practice but should result in cleaner lines (even on the sofa). Also suspect this would be easier with a graphic tablet so now considering getting a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, although I also suspect that an A5 tablet may eventually turn out to be too small, but will start there.

So here’s the first draft of the first page – mostly location setting – coastal, caravan and introducing the first two plot device elements – 3 phase power lines and an old analogue portable telly and video. The pencil still visible as I’m now going to try and tidy this up digitally and potentially remove the pencil and ink base.

Catastrophe Noir Page 1 - pencil and ink layers

Where it all begins, in a caravan, with an old telly


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