Not just Noir but also Dusky Pink, Henna and Saffron

Dabbling with different approaches, today tried a more
Manga style using Letraset ProMarkers for colouring. Took first
page of art and printed off some copies as drafts to play with.
Pens were good to use, good consistency of colour even on
inexpensive printer paper. Quite like the results and relative
speed of getting there. This throws up a quandary about doing
inking and colouring digitally, will the warmth and quirks in
‘analogue’ be more pleasing than a more pristine digital approach?
Going to have to try both to see what suits best – certainly
analogue doesn’t have the same level if ‘undo’ that I think I might
need. Here’s where I got too with about an hours colouring:

development continues but getting down on paper more formally needs
to be done. Have decided the bar where Catherine works is noted as
‘something of a haven in Penzance’ being gay popular also makes it
a more safe location for women rather than the rougher bars where
the oilmen and maritime staff congregate. Also, want to explore
debate around artistic legitimacy and exploitative / misogynist
nature of exotic dancing and Burlesque (still thinking of this
being Catherines ‘other’ job – which she’s been doing to pay her
student top up fee’s). With at least one debate and interjection of
disdain and disappointment along the lines of ‘but it’s just ‘posh’
stripping, it’s not empowering and it’s still degrading and
objectification’ but what will Catherines reply be?

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