Visual storytelling renaissance man – in 6 minutes 40

On the evening of Wednesday 20th April I’ll be presenting in Guildford at the April Digital Surrey first birthday event – I would say come along but all the tickets have already gone and there’s a wait list, if you want to try though you can add yourself here .

I’m presenting a session on ‘Visual Storytelling’ in a Pecha Kucha format – 20 slides, each slide auto-forwards after 20 seconds.

My plan is to present comics and graphic novels (“What’s a graphic novel, it’s a comic you need a bookmark for”) as currently experiencing a creative and technological renaissance. That’s a renaissance in content, quality, imagination, diversity, distribution and production. Visual storytelling is a cross-over multi-disciplinary skill set that has utility and value in broader design and communication (web design, wireframes, check-out storyboards, video game design, advertising, films).

My brief history takes an arc showing examples of the use and utility of visual storytelling across the ages and with increasing sophistication. Along the way I cover issues of intellectual property, brain drain, extinction events, technological opportunities, disruptive technologies and the associated challenges of a digital divide. It’ll include some recommendations on further reading, use of graphic novels to both engage reluctant readers and delight the already highly literate. How visual stories can help explain the underlying design principles of current generation web browsers and scare you about the scale of the global financial crisis.

To do this I’ve adapted (*erm, borrowed, I’ll return it un-damaged I promise) work by Bryan Talbot, Scott McCloud, Alan Moore and a host of others. It’s a lot to cram into 6 minutes 40 seconds …. and here’s a sneak preview of the slides (PDF Format and a bit hefty 24Mb, lots’ of images) >>

Visual Storytelling for Digital Surrey PK Night

Slide one starts with terrorist, anarchist, anti-hero V from Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta – introducing himself by way of the rolling-stones shortly before dispatching a repellant priest with an ironic death by un-transubstantiated communion wafer. I on the other hand will be reassuring the audience I’m not a member of anonymous. This is also the only slide with words on it…

Please allow me to introduce myself

Some recommendations

Go find your local comic shop

Go find your local comic shop

This is a work in progress and only the first 20 slides will be used on the night, the others are a bonus for those interested further.