Ah yes, the YouTube video

A few weeks back I did a short Pecha Kucha session on Visual Storytelling at Digital Surrey. The evening was recorded for posterity and it’s well worth checking out the 7 other speakers – from Tim Ireland (@bloggerheads) explaining his SEO mischief making through to @Dr_Black discussing her role in the saving Bletchley Park campaign and some terrific material on Social business, Twitter sentiment analysis, video gaming and live digital storytelling.

I throughly enjoyed the session and have many people to thank who’s material I re-used / borrowed etc (which is acknowledged in the sneak peak slide deck posted on this blog a little while ago).

After the event I met someone (I am so bad with names, please forgive me) who worked with Pete Frame (legendary 2000AD and comics letterer and author of the Rock family trees) on Zig Zag – which was the UK’s first Rock magazine – which was just fabulous serendipity.

I also got to chat to Tim Ireland and discovered a mutual love of many things plus he put me on to the museum of hoaxes and Dick Tuck who was a perpetual thorn in Nixon’s side.

Catastrophe Noir is running a bit slowly at the moment – distinct absence of free time, ho hum – maybe it’ll take about 4 years. On the up-side I did find fairies in the garden last week.

Fairies in my garden

Doing a 'Cottingley'