One year to go

Time to stop the NME subscription

Time to stop the NME subscription

Tomorrow is my birthday. My 39th Birthday in fact. Which means from tomorrow I have one year until I’m 40. I still feel like I did when I was 18 / 19,  teenage dreams and all that. Only now I have 21 years additional experience.

The arrival of middle age is typically a time for reflection, followed by existential, achievement and self-fulfilment crises – which probably means at the very least the purchase of trainers to go jogging.

I’ve decided to try and do a 3 panel comic every week to describe this process in a suitably comedic fashion. In true Douglas Adams style I am already late on panels 2 and 3 for this first one – but I thought you might like to see where this starts. I’ve decied to go back to proper old-school to actually hone my craft before getting stuck into something bigger – pen and ink nib work on Bristol Board.

A clear sign that things are changing is the NME. I’ve read and collected NME since I was 16, I still have the first copy I brought in 1989 (cover of Peter Hook and a tag line ‘Out Of Order’ – sort of proving nothing really changes). However in the last 12 months I’ve read it less and less – resulting in a large pile of unopened plastic wrappers. Not because I don’t love music anymore, but because there are so many other calls on my time, music has sort of dropped to the bottom of the pile.

The 16 year old me now knows that I am as good as dead.