69 Love Songs – The Test Piece

Got very excited this morning as it seems Julia Scheele’s 69 Love Songs project has had some lovely things said about it by The Guardian ‘Best Thing On The Internet This Week‘, Slate and Neil Gaiman’s very own Tumblr.

Excited not least because at this point in time, my version of ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’ is the first thing on the blog. Which in my head means ‘the man that wrote Sandman, American Gods, The Graveyard Book, Coraline, a Doctor Who Episode AND some of my favourite Thargs Future Shocks’ has seen my illustration and didn’t comment ‘It’s all good, apart from that Romance Comic pastiche upfront.’

That it’s be Tweeted by Alexis Petredis of the Guardian and the head of PitchFork media is also amazing. I’m hoping that Julia is feeling justly proud of the project – it’s a great idea and now with a final push of contributors attracted to it – could just get finished. 

I keep thinking of doing ‘Acoustic Guitar’ and making it a comic based on tattoo’s that play across someone’s body and end up like a Man Ray photograph, but three upcoming site launches I’m working on beg to differ with my aspirations for using my time.

One of the test pieces I sent Julia, was my attempt at doing ‘Busby Berkely Dreams’- I’ve still never quite finished it off, it needs colouring (only on the magazine and with a faded 30’s colour scheme, with tear drops).