Blue Blue Blue Christmas

1) Roland WoodmanBlue Blue Blue Christmas

This is an Elvis Sandwich and it’s a good concept. Mostly because this is an appropriate use for the man who infamously chartered a plane to go buy a Sandwich (Fools Gold loaf for those that are interested in insanely calorific snack food).

The filling in the sanwich however is blue. Both ‘blue’ in tone and blue in a bluesy sort of way. Canned Heat is a great Blue’s Christmas track and move perfectly onto Jools Holland with Edwin Starr, which also has very good horns. First appearance for some Bluegrass too – and it’s all hick’s and hoe-down’s soundin’. Then it’s Joni Mitchell and River (from the album Blue) – a very good choice as it’s a non standard, non typical song that qualifies as it references seasonal activities. It’s prime Joni Mitchell

Up next is Gary Jules and his version of Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’ (note, this needs to be added to the Spotify list). It’s a song I used to love from ‘The Hurting’, but this version got so much airplay I eventually got sick to death of it, still it comes from Donnie Darko which is a good thing.

Christmas Time is Here is a lovely brushed drum and dolefull piano Jazz track which is – it’s part of the soundtrack to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ which was the first animated appearance of the Peanut’s comic strip gang. For referecning both comic book and animation history this get’s something approaching a gazzillion points.

Next up is the Coventry Carol – sung beautifully by Hayley Westenra. Score’s well on the ‘proximity to Roy Wood rule’ because I used to live very close to Coventry. Alison Crowe with ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ fit’s perfectly next to this and this playlist is already crying out for a roaring fire and some time for quiet reflection.

Elvis Blue Christmas rounds this out – he’s the Alpha and the Omega, he IS the king and this is his season. I got married on the 23rd December and I played Elvis before going to the registry office – so this works for me.  Overall another very very good list and one that is going to give me trouble deciding who’s going to win the ‘single minded playlist’ prize !


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