Paul Smith is (by day) an experienced eCommerce solution architect who has worked on architecture, requirements, analysis, solution design and delivery with clients including Mulberry, Burberry, Mappin & Webb, MoneySupermarket, B&Q, Epson and Rapha. He’s worked in air-traffic control, large IT, small IT and the world of entreprunerial startups.

It’s all sent him a bit funny because occassionally by night he’s resorted to using other part’s of his favourite organ (that’s one up on Woody Allen) to scratch an artistic itch.

Catastrophe Noir is a graphic novel in production from Paul Smith. It’s intended to inflame the screaming violet fire of imagination by taking the notion of identity and skewing it oddly, distorting the familiar into something un-easy. Taking a much loved location and contemplating what 40 years of oil industry would have done to it and the nation benefiting from the material gain. Drawing in people with multiple identities, histories and un-conventional romantic entanglements and weaving them into a lovecraftian horror story that echoes Straw Dogs and The Wicker Man.

It is his first graphic novel and he’s doing this to see if he can.  Certainly he’s not sure about the wisdom of writing and drawing the whole thing. Not least because he’s slow and keeps thinking of other things to do along the way to hone the drawing and writing skills. Especially whilst holding down a very full time job and trying to be a properly decent father and husband. He’s resigned to the fact this is going to take some time, it’s a slow gestation, like an elephant’s child.

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