Musical Interlude #1 – One Song And The Tune Of Another

To keep you, dear reader, entertained on the Catastrophe Noir blog, it will not be beneath me to offer inducements and alternative entertainment to keep you coming back time and again (you can’t help yourselves, you are compelled to return).

My not inconsiderable powers of persuasion should¬† have the requisite attraction alone, an imploring magnetic pull of implanted devious subconscious desires. Failing that, you should be aware that from time to time I’ll be running a truly excellent pub Pop Quiz via these pages.

I can provide the quiz files for download, you however will need to provide your own drinks, crisps, nuts and atmosphere.

The first round is a real belter – it’s called (nod to Radio 4’s ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’) ‘One Song AND The Tune Of Another‘.

There’s two songs playing at the same time, all you have to do is listen carefully and determine the name of the artists and the title of the songs being played. There are 10 such mixes – some we mixed properly and some we slapped together with some form of thematic link.

Please add comments to this post with your entries for my marking – 1 point for correct artist, 1 point for correct song title.

Obviously try not to ruin your own enjoyment by looking at other people’s comments first – have a go THEN look at the comments. Unless of course you A) can’t get the answers or B) are like me – the sort of person who reads the end of novel when on page 5,¬† which I do just I case I can’t be arsed to finish it.

I was not alone in this crime, my erstwhile accomplice in the compiling was Mark Vardy who should receive due credit for not being able to match a single beat properly.

Click the link below to download the quiz – it’s an MP3 file >>

2007 – Pop Quiz – One Song And The Tune Of Another