Missing toe and whine – it's Christmas playlist time

Once again I am running an annual Christmas playlist competition – this time I’m doing it on three fronts, within Sceneric, within my client and amongst friends. Basically – sequence 10 Christmas songs and I’ll collect all submissions and pick a winning list.

Most music artists realise there’s cash in Christmas – so there’s 10,000’s of songs to go find and explore. Did you realise Jimi Hendrix had a go? So did Sonic Youth, as did Whigfield and Half Man Half Biscuit. Some are repeat contributors – stand up St Etienne and the Killers.

The rules are always the same, always different (a bit like an album by te Fall really):

1) Produce a playlist of 10 songs (no more, no less) – you can use any online accessible music service (Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube – whatever and you can list songs across channels too, it is a multi-channel world after-all!) – *Spotify is easiest for me to listen to on my 5 hour long car journeys, so you get a bonus point for a list solely on Spotify*

2) All of the songs must be Christmas Songs – what defines a Christmas song I hear you ask…. well …. it has to have been previously released around Christmas AND/OR have been in the top 40 UK or US chart over Christmas (e.g. Always on my mind) AND/OR mention Christmas AND/OR mention christmas themes / activities (ice skating, sledging, drinking eggnog)  AND/OR feature a choir of children + sleigh bells . If you can make a case to me why it is a Christmas song, and convince me – you can have it.

3) Give it a title.

4) Send it to me in an email with links to the playlist or links to the 10 songs across whichever services you have opted to use.

5) You can send multiple lists of 10, if you think you can come up with different themes, approaches, ideas.

6) Closing date is Friday 14th – I will announce the winners before Christmas.

I have prepared this example list on Spotify to demonstrate the idea and give you a place to start.

Things to be aware of / guidance / advice:

1) My decision is final, oh so final.
2) Use of Mariah Carey can lose you points, unless you can sequence her in an amusing fashion, the same applies to Cliff Richard – nothing personal but there’s something with both that set my teeth on edge (which doesn’t happen with any Cliff Richard track until just after Wired for sound).
3) Cover versions are good …. double cover versions are especially good (e.g. West End Girls cover of ‘Always On My Mind’ – it’s a cover AND an Xmas hit for the Pet Shop Boys AND an Elvis song)
4) Bizzare / weird genres or versions are also good ….. reggae Christmas songs, different language versions, German metal covers, clever lyrical stories, singing computers, cat’s playing keyboards….
5) The guitar in Mike Oldfields ‘In Dulce Jubilo’ is self-indulgent and overblown – but in a good way
6) All participants agree to listen to the winners playlist on Christmas day.

7) The rules are broadly similar to those of Mornington Crescent – so you’ll already be familiar with my additional lateral rule about the proximity of your birthplace to that of Roy Wood.

I’ll try and blog / links to the submissions I get.

Happy hunting.